What Kind of Entertainment Do People Like at a Wedding?

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What kind of entertainment do people like at a wedding
July 26, 2021

What Kind of Entertainment Do People Like at a Wedding?

Weddings are a memorable event for the couples who are getting married, and the guests asked to be a part of this auspicious day. Hence, the couple needs to hire wedding entertainment. There are numerous events and professionals to hire to make sure your wedding is a blast. We have provided some of the options for entertainment which the majority of the people are fond of.

  1. Dhol Shehnai

Shehnai is a beautiful musical instrument that produces incredible sounds and creates a calm vibe among the audience. It is perfect for weddings as it draws out the pure emotions of the listener. You can hire professionals who can play the Dhol Shehnai for all the different events of your wedding. It unleashes the Indian culture and tradition beautifully, making it an amazing performance.

  1. Nasik Dhol

There are many dhols available, one of them is the Nasik dhol. This musical instrument is loved by every Indian and brings out the dancing part of them. It has a unique and energizing effect that awakens the inner joy of the listener.  Furthermore, it makes a peppy mood perfect for enjoying events like Sangeet and Mehandi Nights.

  1. Safa Pagdi

Pagdi and Safai are worn as symbols of honour and respect for important guests invited to the wedding. Wearing either one of them is a vital part of any Indian wedding.

  1. Bhangra Group

Other than dancing to the NashikDhol, DholShehnai, or any other music, couples can also hire professional bhangra groups to perform at their wedding. The bhangra dancers beautifully and elegantly display the Punjabi culture with their energized style forms.

  1. Bride Groom Entry

One of the most important events people love to be a part of is the Bride Groom Entry. For the bride entry, the guests shower her with beautiful flowers as she walks down the aisle. While for the groom, the traditional entry is him sitting on a horse like a maharaja. But nowadays, couples like to experiment with things to make the entry more exciting and fun to watch.

  1. International Artist

For cocktail parties, engagement parties and weddings, couples hire international artists who professionally study the latest trends and perform beautiful events. These artists include symphony bands, belly dancers, flute mermaids and so on.


There are many other ways of entertainment you can include in your wedding to keep your guest on their feet. But ensure not to overdo it. Everything is good to a limit. Entertainment in a wedding is a vital component, so carefully plan and budget it out.

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